Djebess - Produits pour le corps

Djebess was born out of a passion for natural productss, body care, moringa and above all the sharing of ancestral traditions, conscious and slow living practices. Originally from northern Cameroon, Aminatou Ali Taiga, Founder & CEO of Djebess, grew up in a community that favors body care, beauty through traditions passed from mothers to daughters, sacred beauty gestures for sublimate the woman's body and which provide well-being on a daily basis.

This ancestral and family transmission is unique. It takes shape around sharing, body massages, skin care with natural oils and gestures of love to awaken awareness of the body, of inner and outer beauty. These body treatments have almost a sacred therapeutic character.

The name Djebess is a sacred name, a name given to her by her mother in memory of her deceased aunt and of whom she was the namesake. She practiced her beauty rites thanks to the miracle plants of the house: moringa, used in many ways, this versatile nourishing plant is prized for cooking, health and skin care. Moringa is one of the most popular plants in this region for its benefits and easy access. This plant with miraculous powers is also known as the miracle tree.



It was in Montreal that she developed her skills in the manufacture of natural cosmetic products, in particular through high-level training, collaborations and ongoing research in the laboratory. Aminatou recently developed a mini laboratory to test its formulations.


All our products are made by hand and in small quantities in order to preserve the originality and the benefits of each ingredient. We choose each of our ingredients with care for their contribution to the skin. In addition, we make it a point of honor to work with certified organic suppliers.


Our Manifesto 

Djebess is a conscious company that works for the good of everyone and the planet in the art of slow cosmetics and conscious living. For Djebess, it is essential to produce excellent premium and high-end products without sacrificing its environmental requirements.

The design of our products is based on the following principles:

  • Ethics
  • Carbon neutral 
  • Environmental
  • Handmade locally in Quebec
  • Without storage
  • Paraben free
  • GMO free 
  • Sans sulfate 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Vegan 
  • Production in small quantities 
  • employment equity
  • Certified natural and organic ingredients

Aminatou Ali Taiga

Founder, Djebess, Premium natural products, organic, vegan based on moringa oil