ABOUT US – Djebess


The Djebess company was born from a passion for natural products, body care, and moringa; but above all a passion for sharing. Originally from northern Cameroon, our founder, Aminatou Ali Taiga, grew up in a community that favors natural oils and other natural products for the body as well as therapeutic care. The name Djebess is a nickname given by her mother in memory of her deceased little sister. Moringa is one of the most popular plants of the region because of its benefits and the easy access.

It was in Montreal that she founded her skills in manufacturing natural cosmetic products, in particular through training, collaborations and continuous research.

All of our products are handmade and in small quantities to maintain the qualities and benefits of each ingredient. We chose them carefully for their benefits for the skin. In addition, we make it a point of working with certified organic suppliers to provide the best products.