How To Build a Sustainable Business

Expanding with ethical and sustainable practices in the beauty industry


At the earliest stage of my journey, I had in mind, to do things in a sustainable way. I have desired and dreamed of being more impactful with sustainably-sourced products, eco-friendly and recycled materials.


Creating a sustainable business

I deeply know that the environment, social cost of the cosmetics industry has been so harmful over the last decades.

Creating these products was not just about creating a luxury brand amongst the million of brands that already exist on Earth. This decision was for me a first act as a CEO, small business owner to empower smaller businesses and consumers to review their choices.


Sourcing sustainable materials

I’ve always had in mind that sourcing sustainable materials were pieces of the backbone of my venture. We care to create amazing products, we’ve also cared about the environment, the impact of our message on our clients.

It’s been a work in progress to be honest; sourcing products that are fairtrade or from a sustainable manufacturer isn’t the easiest way to kick start a line.

moringa elaves

Honestly, I had so much faith and spirit, the reality was somehow a little more complexe to find aligned manufacturers, artisans and consultants and make sure that their practices were matching my expectations - being ethical, fair - I do know that I have very high standards.

We’ve been seeking for more network with more transparency and commitment in their practices. Thus, we are looking at collaborating with smaller artisans, producers. For now, it’s just baby steps, despite the fact that Djebess is 3 years old, but every steps count in this billion dollar industry that have so much impact and power in our lives and perspectives.

The Challenges of a sustainable company

sustainable sourcing

I’ve been a solopreneur for a time but I chose to surround myself with collaborators that support my values, my identity because them too, they are a piece of my identity. Building a sustainable and ethical company is so challenging these days, especially, when we seek for more impact then just selling a luxury product. From my experience, all the details matter, from my products sourcings, to the influencers and collaborators we are working with.

The collateral are positive to the brand and to the world, we’ll keep innovating to better source all are lines.


Building an ethical business isn’t a cosiest and easiest way to grow, however, it’s beyond that. It’s building a legacy brand that will change the codes and revise the cosmetic industry.