Aminatou’s Diary

Aminatou’s Diary

First and foremost welcome to Djebess: The Art of Beauty Infused by Nature, a line of moringa-made and high-end skincare brand.

Welcome to my very first series of written pieces about beauty topics, handcraft, aesthetic, ancestral heritage, creativity, entrepreneurship, health, diversity and wellness.

Thank you for reading this new series.


The art of beauty, origins:

The art of beauty has always been a combination of ancestral routines from my Cameroonian heritage, plants and oral transmission. Djebess’ birth is the result of multi-faceted transmissions I inherited: Entrepreneurial Creation x Ancestral Transmission x Passion for Nature.

Let me reintroduce myself, my name is Aminatou Ali Taiga, my roots are in Cameroon, up North where I anchored my practice and learned everything about beauty through my lineage. Growing up admiring my mom, my aunts and sisters, I learned to embrace my ancestors love for daily soft gesture to magnify their beauty. My younger self never took seriously both practices and rituals. It’s only in my late twenties that I realized how these traditions were infused in me without me knowing.

I’m back on the blog and excited to share more on beauty routines, anything moringa and the art of beauty with a modern and ancestral perspective. I’m also a mom of 3 beautiful gems. They have been my biggest inspiration in creating this beautiful moringa skincare line. At the birth of my eldest daughter, I realized she experimented skin issues like dry and itchy skin.

mother son skincare

The birth of Djebess

Seeing my then-first-born suffering through rashes sparked a desire to find a solution to help and sooth her pain.

With patience, dedication, I delve into learning cosmetic cream… little by little, I came up with a first product then a full line of moringa-based products.

natural skincare

Beyond beauty..

As a CEO, I’ve at heart to do good. It’s such an excitement to build a global brand with the idea to support more communities and make sure to source materials from a fair trade economy for more impact.

If you are here, I hope you’ll find interesting practice, reflections and thoughts on beauty to spice up your own routine, to learn from ancestral routines, and get a front row seat in my entrepreneurial behind the scenes.