🌿 How to have a green Holidays season

🌿 How to have a green Holidays season

The Holidays are just around the corner and shopping is in full swing these days!

Isn’t it beautiful to prepare a thoughtful gift for a special person, but not to the detriment of our planet? I truly believe that Holidays season can be spent in a modest, and a conscious way.

If you share the same mindset. Here’s my guide on how to spend a green Holidays:


  • Shop consciously

I know the temptation is hard and the desire to please your loved ones is at its peak during this season but you can give more while spending less.

Try to shop consciously by asking yourself: Is it what this person really wants? Will this person use it in the long term? Is it environmentally friendly?

  • DIY gift

Make a thoughtful homemade gift that I promise you would stand out as it is more meaningful and comes from the heart.

diy gift

Paint them, do a collage of their favorite things, bake them their favorite cake, make a candle with their favorite scent…get crafty, have fun, Be creative!


  • Buy Locally

A handmade, local product is a hundred times better than cheap ones that were transported around the world causing more harm to the environment. Got to your local Holidays market and support small businesses and artisans that have a story, support a cause and contribute to the local economy.

  • Buy recycled

A lot of businesses nowadays make use of recycled ingredients which contributes to less waste.

  • Gift an experience

Far from processed goods, gift your loved ones a memorable experience. For instance, a ticket to an upcoming concert, a coupon to visit a museum…etc

See there are quite a lot of ideas to make your Holidays more sustainable and greener!

And don’t forget to pack your gift keeping in mind sustainable materials for instance old newspapers or magazines topped with a nice ribbon using string/rope. Don’t hesitate to re-use old packaging, only the inside counts!

Have a joyful Holidays everyone from the Djebess Team 🎅🎄